The steps we follow to achieve your goals.

At First Avenue Wealth we are passionate about understanding where you are on your journey, being clear on your goals, and partnering with you to create the right strategy

Understanding your Dreams

During our first meeting, your financial planner’s main focus is to get the lowdown on your current financial situation and personal circumstances.

It’s our chance to really get to know you, so we can tailor our approach to fit your needs and preferences.

Tailoring a Plan just for you

Next, we get to work on developing recommendations tailored to help you achieve your goals. We will carefully consider all available options, crunching numbers with realistic assumptions about life expectancy, taxes, and investment returns.

Our aim? To maximise your potential for reaching those goals, taking into account not just your finances, but also your overall life and health, and even future generations.

Putting the Plan into action

We lay out our financial planning recommendations in a ‘Statement of Advice’, and it’s your chance to weigh in, ask questions, and tweak the plan as needed.

Together we collaborate to finalise the steps toward reaching your goals. It’s crucial for you to understand the rationale behind the recommendations, the assumptions made by your financial planner, and the timeline for putting the plan into action.

Supporting you to Achieve your dreams

Your role is to keep your financial planner informed of any changes in your personal circumstances, like a job switch or family status change, which may require adjustments to your plan.

Meanwhile, your planner monitors your progress toward your goals and decides if any updates are necessary. Throughout this journey we are here to offer ongoing support, guidance, and education.

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